Shadows of the Veil

Apocalypse Now

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Kel’ Izzack sat on his sofa in his executive apartment in utter shock. Centuries of planning, and scheming had been dashed in a single afternoon. The morning had started off rather well. He managed to reopen a portal to the Abyssal plane and went to go check on the status of his demonic hordes in the fortress city of Dis. His demonic allies had promised that 600 million troops would be at his disposal for the conquest of Earth.

Upon arriving the sky was dark and the air was cold something that wasn’t common on the world of the Abyss. His portal opened near the staging grounds of the fortress city where he expected to see troops in neat rows ready for the conquest. Instead he found the city in ruins, no not ruins, gone would be a better word.

The staging area was the same. Millions of demonic soldiers were simply wiped out. Those that survived were horribly burned and even the uninjured we’re shadows of their former selves. Kel’ Izzack had quickly scryed the planet and he found more of the same. Every great city, fortress, and even settlements were simply gone.

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 One of his Generals Ahbor had been hunting away from the city and saw the calamity first hand. A great flash of light then a rising column of fire miles wide. What wasn’t destroyed by that was destroyed by gale force windows of the likes he didn’t think possible. Winds that shattered stone. Then Ahbor told of the fate of the survivors. Anybody who survived the blast had taken to a particularly insidious illness that had them literally wasting away in there our filth and vomit, and to top it off smoke and ash filled the sky blocking out the sun. Kel’ Izzack wondered which deity had done it before Greg spoke up.

Greg of course had known what caused it. He described similar events as the result of a nuclear blast. Something the Humans came up with half a century ago, a truly apocalyptic weapon. They had quickly fled the doomed world of the Abyss and Greg had helped in finding some rather informative information about such things on Youtube. But that was only half of what was plaguing himself at the moment.


Kel’ Izzack had just spent the last four hours looking at recent conflicts in Human history and was understandably mortified. Human’s had gone from swords and bows to mechanized death in just a few short centuries. All sense of honor had long since been beat out of them. They could and preferred to kill you from a desk on the other side of the world, and do with little remorse. The Humans prefered peace, but failing that they would kill in the most safe and efficient way possible until they either annihilated you or you surrendered. 600 million demons with melee weapons wouldn’t have stood a chance even if they had managed to invade. Unending undead hordes likely wouldn’t help either. Human had tried fighting enmass against artillery and machine guns once for FOUR whole years and technology won.

Artillery, missiles, and air dropped bombs would have made short work of them. The Elves were right all along, Humans we’re dangerous, and by denying them magic to save themselves. The Elves had made them that much stronger.


Kel’ Izzack did note that even though these mortal fools did destroy a whole world practically in an afternoon they still insisted no doubt that he was the evil one.


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