Shadows of the Veil

Journal 7

Taking out the second detention facility was surprisingly easy. Flipping Skeletor Jr. probably helped.

The hippie and I took a road trip to Minneapolis to visit Greg From Marketing's family after I tracked them down. Mummy wasn't too happy to hear about the trouble her baby boy was in, even though we were vague on the details, and he wasn't too pleased when she called him and told him we were there. It produced results, though, with him showing up at our office the next day, ready to talk.

The bastard's done some pretty fucking undeniably evil shit, so Max kept the BRAG leveled at him while we negotiated. I'll give him some credit for referencing Ghostbusters when we discussed his joining Skeletor, specifically the part about answering yes if someone asks if you're a god, or in this case if you want power. Not much credit, but a little. He'd been having some regrets about the whole starting the end of the world shit, so it didn't take too much work to convince him to help us. Reminding him that Mummy would be very disappointed in him and she'd be killed in the end of the world helped.

The three of us went to MCR's warehouse, raiding it for as much equipment and weaponry as we could take. 100 lbs of C4, detonators, heavy body armour, encrypted radios, a miniature Predator drone, RPGs, night vision goggles, and a couple of 30 piece grenade variety packs: thermite, high explosive, frag, flashbang, whatever else that could be useful.

After returning to the office we reached an understanding with Greg that he'd see what he could find about what Skeletor was up to, since he'd run off to the Wichita Mountains again, and that if he was a good skeleton the hippie would cast a resurrection ritual to restore him to his former fleshiness. The leech was nonplussed when she saw him, but accepted his help, and they formed a semi-bond due to their shared lack of pulses. Greg was mortified that the mystic keeps the Bowling Ball of Doom in a cooler, which was hilarious. We sent him off to check up on Skeletor and our motley crew set off for the second detention facility outside Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

What a fucking miserable shithole this state is. Took fucking forever across some of the worst bloody roads imaginable to get there. There were four guards at the entrance and about 15-20 more, security had clearly been beefed up after the 'industrial accident' at the other facility. This one had pretty bloody sickly livestock in addition to the corrupted grain, and the vast majority of the detainees were already skeletonized. According to Greg the plan was to sell the corrupted meat and grain at farmer's markets as 'organic' and kill the hipsters first.

The leech dominated one of the guards, Carl, then failed the second. I tased him before the other two opened fire; it turned ugly, with the leech getting tased by one of the guards, and though the hippie was injured we managed to subdue them. The firefight and my flashbang had drawn the attention of the guards, though. Some thermite grenades in a corner of the compound helped to distract them but they still sent several to check out the guard shack at the entrance.

We set up an ambush, with the mystic manning the M60, and two human guards approached with four skeletons. The BRAG made quick work of the skeletons, and we took out the two other guards. They sent a couple dozen skeletons after us, and once the BRAG had taken out almost half the hippie tossed a high explosive grenade into the midst of the rest, scattering their bones everywhere. I saw some jizztrumpet setting up a bloody fucking huge sniper rifle on the roof of the house, so I unleashed one of the RPGs. Big boom with a red mist in the air was the result of that, and then I fired another one at the diesel tank.

10,000 gallons of fuel exploding is a fucking violent and glorious thing. A good-sized mushroom cloud resulted from the explosion, which leveled most of the buildings, killed the rest of the guards, and destroyed most of the skeletons. With no more direct threats, the leech directed Carl to guide the now leaderless skeletons to the livestock area, where the hippie worked some pretty impressive shit. A 200 meter diameter holy magic spell that eliminated the curse was something to behold. The livestock were restored to a weakened but normal state, and the skeletons were vaporized by her magic.

We returned to the SUV and left as quickly as possible, as we heard sirens in the distance, and returned to the offices. The initial firefight had drawn the attention of the locals, so there were multiple videos being run on the news. Luckily none that could identify us, but they clearly showed the RPGs being fired, the mushroom cloud, and Max's curse-removing spell. The Department of Defense initiated a takeover of MCR, so they're no longer a threat. Greg From Marketing used some bloody fucking awful app called Snapchat to send us photos from Skeletor's new base of operations, a cave in the mountains, and provided GPS coordinates. I hacked a spy satellite to check out the area, but other than some MCR vehicles and a rough road to the site there's little to see, at least for now.

The pyromaniac nihilist psychopath anarchist returned, much worse for wear after his encounter with the Drow, and the Russkie is back as well, still rocking out to that atrocious Leonard Skinner shit. Time to lock and load and go after Skeletor. I'm still mildly concerned about the child fucking Cathoholic, though I've prepared a separate rainbow paintball bomb for him. No word yet from Sergio on whether he was able to organize others in the church to help or at least avoid interfering with us.

Time to prep the playlist for Skeletor. First two entries:

I Hate You (from Star Trek IV)
Rock the Casbah (a casbah being a North African fortress, seems appropriate after we've destroyed multiple fortresses of his)


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