Shadows of the Veil

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Kel’Izzack sat motionless in his leather executive chair at the head of the board rooms conference table late one night as he listen to the board of directors squabble about the current state of the MCR International corporate office.

Kel’Izzack was no wet behind the ears fool who expected his works to be unopposed. Millennia of unlife on top of his actual life had taught him to expect it. No the thing that vexed him currently was the myriad of strange ways his enemies could thwart him in this strange realm.

Though granted most of the thwarting had been minor up till this point. A set back here some damage there. Nothing of real consequence. In fact a year ago if a handful of idiots attacked his Dark Fortress on the abyssal plane and the only damage was merely a few dozen guards on top of a portal being closed along with a hole being blasted in a roof. He would have written it off as the nature of his work. 

But here there apparently is no end to the ways in which his enemies could attack, and like magic little physical damage could mean little if extensive damage from other means was taken into account. Kel’Izzack tightened his grip on the arm rest. His advisors informed him that there was a breach in their information systems, a breach they can’t close. One that allows his enemies to read his very plans and even harass himself in a juvenile manner!  

The very technology that allows humans to have frankly amazing near telepathic coordination and productivity also allows their very equipment to be used against him.

This recent attack which caused very little apparent physical damage had the same effect as if somebody had simply leveled the buildings in this complex. A fortress is expensive, however the cost of a corporation losing all of its principal electronics is ten times that cost! 

That of course leads right into the second problem. Kel’Izzack focused on the board of directors in front of him arguing about public perception, repair costs, along with quarterly statements. These shortsighted fools have no idea that their almighty stock price means little when his plan finally unfolds. 

“No you won’t be getting rich off of my domination of this world. It will simply become another world in service of the black abyss.”, he thought. 

One of the board members turned to him probably to ask his opinion on the matter, however before he could get a word out the boardroom doors opened and in strode Greg still in his suit carrying an elegant Elvish staff with a green gem on one end. It presented quite the contrast from Gregs tight bony grip. 

He immediately called out, “Master I have acquired the staff from the ruined temple.”
Kel’Izzack stood and walked over, “Excellent work Greg with this we can start the ritual to reopen the portal. Though this time it will be in a more protected space.”

“Of course my lord. What about the temple itself? Any use in it?”

“No, that place serves us no purpose now. Destroy it.”

One of the board members stood quickly, “What! Destroy it? You do know we spent millions getting permits and paying off politicians to even dig there! Are you saying the only thing we will gain is that… thing?”

Kel’Izzack would have glared if he could, it didn’t matter his tone said it all, “The temple itself is worthless. Just an ancient ruin all that’s left of a religion that is no longer relevant. This staff however is priceless, a lone artifact of power that would be difficult to replicate.”

“But the money? Can that summon money.”

“Silence you fool!” Kel’Izzack bellowed, “If recovering this staff cost a year's worth of earnings from this company then I would gladly spend it.”

 The board member sat down stunned at the revelation. 

Greg however added, “My lord I think we might still have a use for the temple after all.”

“Kel’Izzack turned to him, “We do?”

“Yes. I’m sure you’re aware of the group who seem to be hell bent on stopping you.”

“Oh yes, them.”

“Well seeing as how they can read our emails then I have a suggestion. Its simple we set a trap. After all we do have a lot of explosives left over from the excavation, and if I recall that temple barely hangs over a great underground fissure in the Earth.”

Kel’Izzack would smile if he could, but he just chuckled as he sat down in his seat, “I like where this is going. What do you need?”

“Nothing much. Just some disposable underlings, an Ipad, and your couch and TV to watch the fun on.”

“Oh yes Greg this is brilliant. Not often do you get to see your handy work unless you’re there in person. Make it so.”

A few days later

Kel’Izzack, and Greg sat on his couch watching the Kobold's and Gnoll get slaughtered in various ingenious and novel ways. He had to hand it to them, they certainly knew there stuff. Which was all the more sauce for the goose when they watched the room explode and collapse into the black. 

Their collective laughter rang out for a good quarter hour before they uploaded it to Youtube anonymously when Kel’Izzack had a thought. He turned to Greg and gave him a new mission.

“That vampire. The one who casted that spell, she no doubt survived. Bring her to me.”


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