Shadows of the Veil

Kel'Izzacks Bad day

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Kel’Izzack relaxed on his leather sofa in his office apartment at MCR International after a long day. In front of him on his fifty inch flat screen tv he watched Jon Snow and Daenerys ride a dragon in the sky above Kings Landing. He sat there enthralled at the sight as dramatic music began to play.


Daenerys turned to Jon as she asked, “Are you ready for this Jon? Ready to end the tyrannical rule of Cersei and get revenge for both our families.”


Jon looked into her eyes and replied, “Of course my love we will win the day and rule as husband and……”


Suddenly the power went out and Kel’Izzack gasped, “What! No! I can’t miss this! What in the blazes!”


He suddenly jumped up and yelled at one of his attendants, “What is going on here! Why is it dark!”


His skeletal attendant looked at the ceiling puzzled, “The human sorcery has stopped my lord.”


“It’s not sorcery you idiot it’s its blast that cursed wikipedia you go there to read one thing and before you know it you’re reading about sonic the hedgehog. Human magic is most foul!”


They both then noticed the sound of muffled gunfire and made their way to the window. Below them they could see an explosion erupted from the warehouse next to the office building they were in as a truck sped into the building.


“What in the seven hells is going on! Quickly we must make haste for the portal!”


Kel’Izzack ran to the elevator and pushed the down button however to his puzzlement it did not illuminate nor did the doors open.


A few minutes later frothing with rage Kel’Izzack watched helplessly as they the truck they had seen drive into the warehouse, leave it and speed into the night blaring some awful racket.

“Whoever did this will die a slow painful death.”  



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